Weslie Williams is born

Blake and Chloe have patiently been waiting for this sweet spirit to come to our family.  Chloe is amazing.  She delivered with a midwife at Mercy Hospital.  One of the miracles in this birth is that Weslie came naturally just as Chloe wanted, even though she was 14 day’s over her due date.  Her water broke, Blake gave her a blessing and off to the hospital they went.
Weslie was delivered on Chloe’s birthday, February 18th, 2016.  She weighed in at 10 pounds 1 ounce and has already gained a few ounces.  Chloe is Peruvian with beautiful coloring and dark hair.  Wesley looks exactly like her mama.  I don’t see any resemblance to the Williams family except through her chin area.  Blake is in Heavenly Love with Weslie.  I was able to video him changing his very first baby diaper; and Weslie is the first new born he has ever held.  As a mother to see this with my daughter’s was extraordinary, it is a different exhilaration to watch my son.  I have always known he would be an incredible father, but had my doubts about how long it would take him to embrace the diaper changing thing.  I loved being in the room to watch and listen as Chloe explained exactly how to change a baby girl’s diaper to Blake–Chloe is a naturally calm and quiet teacher, she boosted Blake’s abilities and cheered him on to a successful first diaper change.  I am amazed at his attentiveness to the needs of both his daughter and wife.  There is no doubt in my mind Blake will be a phenomenal daddy, and Chloe a patient kind mommy.


















What an overwhelming feeling to have our family grow and expand, hoping along the way we have created a legacy worthy of our beautiful grandchildren.  Today I feel so blessed, we now have four grandchildren with one more coming in June, I have so much to be thankful for.

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