This is the face of CANCER

This is the face of CANCER

December 7, 2009
After 6 days of carrying around a bag to collect my hair in, I decided today was the day I needed to get rid of the annoying stuff, it was constantly falling in my face, food, sofa, bed and floor. I made the call to my sweet Sister Sonya and asked her if she would shave it short enough to not give me a rash on the head. Sonya, got out the clippers set it on 4 got as much off as possible, as she listened to me cry, then put the setting on 3 and off came the rest. If you ever wanted to see what a cancer patients head looked like I guess you could get on google and search it, but this is real, its me being very vulnerable. I have to keep it covered though because it is so cold outside, what a blessing to have cold weather right now I am loving it.
Once I got myself composed Haleigh put a scarf over my head wrapped it up cute and off we went to President Woolsey’s for Haleigh to receive her Patriarchal Blessing. I seriously love this man and his wife. Both Blake and Kaitlyn also received their blessings from him. It was an incredible experience to be there once again with one of my children who made the choice to get this blessing. After the blessing we walked out with Brother and Sister Woolsey and he stopped and said to me “I had a very strong feeling after Haleigh’s blessing that I should give you a blessing” with tears in my eyes I looked at him and agreed, we went back in the room and he offered the most beautiful blessing upon my head, I will always be eternally grateful for people in my life who are not only wonderful people to be around, but people who listen to the spirit and know when to act upon it. I will never forget the blessing he gave to me and how it made me feel, spiritual experiences in our lives are what help us to get through the muck, when I can remember how it felt to be spiritually overcome with love from Heavenly Father it helps me just to survive somedays. So my advice to myself as well as others is to never forget who you are, where you came from and where you ultimately want to be in your life and the life hearafter…don’t ever forget those who bless your life with goodness, don’t ever forget who died for you so that you can live and love the ones around you.

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  • And you are still beautiful! And what did I tell you the other day when we were emailing about how I read your blog "just at the right time" Im meeting with the bishop this week because I have decided it is time to get my patriarchal blessing. And whats even more special, by my grandfather who is a patriarch. He is coming in February and I cant wait- reading this was just another confirmation that im doing what I should- I am so grateful for you- love you Monya!

  • Well look at you girl, holding your head up so high, proving to the world once again that you are a fighter and will conquer the VILLIAN. You are such an example of strength and beauty. Thanks for that. By the way good news for my mom, it is Herb's mom that is so sick, not mine. I am sorry, but I call them both mom and sometimes I forget that not everybody knows that. My parents are doing fine. Thanks for asking, but Herb's mom is not. We have been on hospice twice this year and this time I think she is just finished, and I don't blame her. It is really sad to see her just wither away though, we just pray she can be as comfortable as possible. We will keep you posted though. Remember to call if there is anything we can do for you and your family.

  • You are beautiful and your words are so inspiring. You remind me of what is truly important in this life, in our big picture. Thank you for sharing your testimony.

  • Luv you dear…you made the right decision….now you are free from all the mess…Cutting your hair at least puts the power in your hands…and keeps the Villian from torturing you with each bit of fallen hair…..It just makes your eyes even more beautiful…don't forget some large earings…they would be stunning on you. Please let me know when the baby arrives…I am so excited for Kayla and Jeremy….not to mention you and Eric! It is so much fun and such a miracle. Love you lots,mm

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