Theodore is born



Recker had a hard time leaving his mom at the hospital

May 31st Kayla and Jeremy welcomed Theodore Arthur to the family.  Theo is our 5th grandchild, 4th boy 3rd boy for Kayla. Being a grandmother is still a little overwhelming.  I look in the mirror and don’t see a grandmother looking back. Can I be old enough? Am I good enough to be blessed with such beautiful children?  It’s strange…. getting older, thinking about the days when my children were little and I thought it would never end.  We had 4 children in less than 6 years, those were both joyful and hard years.  I think I took so much for granted, we all do.  I remember being so tired thinking I would never have a full nights sleep again–an older woman said to me one time “This too shall pass” I remember thinking I wanted to punch her in the face…This was not going to pass, at least not quickly.  Guess what?  She was right, I was wrong those days are long gone however it feels like just yesterday I was rocking my own babies to sleep.
Today as I sat at the hospital and rocked Theo to sleep I couldn’t help but wonder what wonderful memories he will bring to our family.  He is perfect, I simply love him. It’s interesting when siblings are born into the same family with the same genes but all turn out looking and acting so differently.

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