The Letter

April 28, 2010

Ray and Vi with the Kids
Raylani, Eric, Doran and Kurt

Ray and Vi on their Wedding Day

My most favorite woman in the world was Eric’s mom Viola Williams, I really loved spending time with her, she always made everyone feel like they were her best friend, she made everyone feel important. She served a mission in Hawaii, the Polynesian people loved her dearly, as did so many people.
When Eric and I were engaged she passed away from breast cancer. Her marriage to Ray (Eric’s Dad) was magical, they loved each other so much, I remember so many times coming into the house and Vi and Ray would be snuggled up on the sofa laughing they sincerely loved and cherished each other. When she died a part of him died, a part of everyone who knew her died, her children adored her and it seemed that their hearts were crushed.
Ray passed away a year and a half ago, his wife Betty cannot live alone and her children have placed her in an senior living community. Last week Eric and I met his sister Raylani and his brother Kurt over at dad’s house so they could split things up. I went into Vi and Rays bedroom and in the closet was a very old yellowing envelope that said Eric on the front, I opened it not knowing what I was going to see and to my surprise was a letter to Eric from his mom. As I began to read the letter my eyes filled up with tears and it made it difficult to read. The part I loved the most about this letter was that Vi was really sick with cancer when she wrote it, she has asked Eric and Ray to give her a blessing, she said it was a very special experience for her, knowing that her son and husband could put their hands on her head and give her a blessing, she said it was every mothers dream to have her son be worthy enough to bless her. She went on to tell him how proud she was of him and the life he has built by including the Lord in his decisions, and that he should never take his Priesthood for granted, it will be such a great blessing in your life. Reading this letter was so touching to me, especially knowing her, knowing her spirit and testimony. I remember how much she suffered with breast cancer, and did not want to leave her family. Not knowing what the future will bring is difficult and Vi was a perfect example of someone who had complete faith and understood the atonement. It’s interesting the things we cherish as we get older, it’s not the car, or the house, not the lavish vacations but I have come to realize that what I treasure the most in my life are little things like this letter, they mean so much and are valuable not to the bank but to my heart. I think it’s time for me to write letters to my children.

4 thoughts on “The Letter”

  • What a wonderful blessing. I miss Vi so much and I always told Amy that she missed out on the most wonderful mother in law around. I know that the legacy that Vi left to her children and to people like Herb and Me will NEVER die. She always had such great faith and such great life experiences to share with all of us. And you are right it is time that we all write our children letters. That is what they will hopefully cherish someday, I know I cherish the little notes I get from them. Thanks for your example to me AGAIN.

  • How I loved Vi….she and Ray made my childhood rich with love and support…and my cousins were my little brothers and sister. I loved going down to her house and helping with the baby, or playing with the kids. There was always room at their table for one more. The kids and I had such fun. I was their chief babysitter…although we all laugh that all we did was play while Vi and Ray were gone….we had such fun playing hide and seek, school, baseball…and watching t.v. Hot days were spent playing on the carport in the shade. It was a good life….and time passed all to fast….but the memories last forever. She truly loved her kids and her husband…and they were her number one concern. She would be so proud of all of them now…I know this for sure.

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