Poo Poo On Dr. Lettieri

I had an appointment with my favorite smile doctor, hoping Dr. Lettieri would take this drain out of my neck imagine my surprise when he said

“That drain is not coming out today.”

“There’s no blood, I want this thing out.”

Dr. Lettieri has beautiful blue eyes, they were staring through me with a smile as he said

“I’m worried about the fluid that is in your drain, I just want to send it off for testing.”

“Um…..testing for what?”

“Not to worry, but before I take out your drain I want it tested to see if your perodid gland is leaking.”

“I understand Dr. Lettieri but I need this drain out, it’s driving me crazy and I’m going out of town.”

“No you don’t understand.”…he smiled, but with a  concerned look continued “We have a huge problem if it’s the parotid gland, then we are back to square one. I’m not taking it out yet.”

All I could think of was he’s trying to help me, I need to listen to him. I looked at him as he walked out of the room, totally confused.

When the nurse came in he said “Are we ready to take out that drain?”

I immediately said “Yes, let’s take it out….” the door was open and Dr. Lettieri came running in and said

“Don’t let her talk you into taking that drain out” Raising his eyebrows at me still smiling I wanted to smack him.

Then he proceeded to tell the nurse to go get what he needed to inject BOTOX into the parodid gland.

I said “BOTOX? What the heck for?”

“Before you get all bent out of shape, the BOTOX is injected into the perotid gland to help stop the draining, don’t worry it will help.”

The first shot of BOTOX was so painful I yelled out in pain saying “I’m going to kill you.”

As he continued “No your not, I know it hurts like hell but it’s what is going to stop that draining”

I’m not sure how many shots he actually shot into my gland I think it was about eight shots. With every shot the pain intensified.  I could hear and feel it crunching through the scar tissue.  When he thought he had hurt me enough, he asked

“So I’m assuming you don’t want the remaining shot into your forehead?”

“Uhh….that would be an astounding NO.”

The next day he called me with the results…..”Yes it is the parotid gland draining, that drain is not coming out yet.”

…”Seriously? Of course it is, you do know I am supposed to go out of town and won’t be back until August 3rd?”

“Yes I realize that but it is not coming out, this is a potential serious problem.”

Later I text him “Thank you for taking good care of me, I’m sorry if I was mean to you.”

“Belive me, I’ve heard worse, let’s just get you better so we can start on the nerve situation. I know the shots hurt but they will help close down the gland.”

So for now I still have the drain hanging out of my head, and now my BAJA is leaking something.

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