My Tribe

My Tribe
Ellis is our youngest grandchild almost 7 months old. Haleigh brought me soup and Ellis–he took one look at me and started to cry-remember he is only 7 months old I think he is teething, usually he is joyous and happy with everyone. I couldn’t hold him but seeing his face was enough.
These brothers are Kaitlyn and Brian’s boys, Phoenix and Archer. I didn’t really want them to see me all bandaged up, or worse with the bandage off.  One day I was in the hospital and our little Phoenix who is 3 years old decided to Face Time me I only answered because I thought it was my daughter calling. This was our dialogue ” Phoenix: “Hey Bonbon where are you? Me: “Where is your mom and dad? Phoenix: “Sleeping…Bonbon what is that blood?” (it was my drain) Me: “Uhh, yeah it’s a little blood, Bonbon has a boo boo” Phoenix: “Oh did you get a owie?”  Me: “Yeah just a little one, but the doctor is taking care of it so I can play with you again do you want to play?” Phoenix: “Oh Bonbon thank you, yes we can play… can I come to your house?” Me: “I’m not home, I’m staying at the hospital” Phoenix: “Is Papa with you.? Did you get a shot?” Me: “I did get a shot, but I am good now and yes Papa is here. What are you doing today?” We talked for over 30 minutes before it was time to hang up, I dreaded hitting END on my phone.  Yesterday he came to see me, not startled by the bruises or stitches that make their way like a train track from one side of my face to the other. He sat next to me on the bed, told me about leaving on an airplane today, going to see all his cousins and for his grandads birthday.  His animation and excitement are really contagious, he reminds me of Kaitlyn when she was a little girl curious, silly faces and totally in awe of his dad (his hero) as it should be. Archer was not phased at all with how my face looked. When it was time to leave I asked Phoenix to send me a Face Time while he is in Utah if he thinks about it his response “umm…We will have to see” from the mouth of babes
Our only grand daughter Weslie comes from my only son Blake and his darling wife Chloe. Blake brought me an acai bowl, it was a nice break from eating everything from a straw. Weslie is not feeling well so really stayed close to daddy. She did give me a huge roll of the eyes for a good laugh and waved “bye-bye bonbon, I love you” and off they went.
This is Ezra, he is Kayla and Jeremy’s middle son. I was Face Timed with Ezra and Theo.  Ezra was playing with Phoenix at his house and really just wanted to know if I would buy him ‘buzz lightyear’ and ‘woody’ apparently Kayla said everytime he leaves playwing at Phoenix’s house he asks her for them….and her standard answer is “No not today, you need to earn it” then he says “Well Bon bon will get them for me” So basically he was calling to know if I’d get him Woody and Buzz next time I’m in Toys are Us.
Recker is our oldest grandson also from Kayla and Jeremy. The only one I haven’t had immediate contact with is Recker….I have a feeling he would be picking out all the stitches on my face one by one, like he did when I had the nerve removed from my calf to my face.  I couldn’t feel it, but he was protecting me ….. he hates stitches and has picked them off of himself so in his mind if he doesn’t like them then of course Bonbon won’t either.
Theodore is Kayla and Jeremy’s youngest son. Theo did a Face Time with Bonbon and didn’t seem weary or worried about my facial appearance. He just kept saying “I wuv you Bonbon” and smiling the entire time.

It’s been one week today since my surgery with Dr. Lettieri. He has text me several times–people may think that is weird getting text messages from your surgeon, and maybe it is a little. I don’t believe he has the time or capacity to do this with every patient he see’s but I’m blessed he checks in on me on a regular basis. Not only to tell me he needs to do more work on my face (really?) but he is also checking in on my spirits–I adore him. I even tell him “I love you” he’s been with me through half of the surgeries I’ve endured always hopeful always happy to see me. I’m not sure what it is like to have a genius mind working overtime 24/7 but boy am I glad he does–although I think he needs some rest, relaxation and a break. Funny thing is I don’t think that is physically possible for someone who does what he does.

Now that I am home, resting has been really hard for me. I got bored with television and could not concentrate …. or the shows were absolutely lame. I miss my grandchildren, they each bring a different type of joy to my soul.

Seriously? I’m a 55 year old grandmother with 7 beautiful grandchildren each bringing a different level of joy, laughter and respect from me….I don’t want them to grow up, I would like time to stand still, well maybe not this week–it needs to go fast but the faster I heal the sooner I get to play. I promised to teach them how to make my famous sugar cookies. I need to be healed and out of this bed looking normal–well really what is normal? Normal is boring too? I’ve learned so much about having facial paralysis through the eyes of my grandchildren–they never knew me looking any other way so they don’t stare, they don’t judge they just love their Bonbon. People can learn from children, I have unconditional love.

XOXO Monya Bonbon

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