My little Recker Love

How can anyone look at this sweet spirit
and be cruel?
I am so upset tonight not able to sleep, thinking about this special grandson of ours.  He is in pre-school, he has parents who take extremely good care of him. Kayla is protective and knowledgeable about Autism.  Today, I’m sad that he could not defend himself while in the care of the school system.
I thought it would have been another child who hurt him, but it was actually and adult.
He was treated like an animal on a leash, what a horrible sight to see when his recpit worker picked him up from school.  Kayla is devastated , my tears and prayers are for this sweet little angel tonight.
I’m not sure what I can say specifically about the case, but my heart is bursting with pain. I wish people would listen with their hearts, and say to themselves “kindness begins with me”
Recker has Autism-He is NOT a
burden, He is misunderstood.
Sometimes he just needs to run free

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