Well now, this is a new word I will be adding to my vocabulary. If there is one thing I’ve learned when it comes to my body, anything going in or out I want to know about. Nerium has recently developed two new products I’m simply in love with. Delving into the Health and Wellness arena with now three products, gives me a new reason to research. Nerium International has proven to have provided the highest quality in anti-aging products and proven to help me personally with my brain function.

So let me first explain what Mitochondria does: Mitochondria works as the digestive system of cells. They take in nutrients of cells and break them down. Mitochondria generate the energy that a cell needs to function properly. Simply put Mitochondria is the powerhouse of our cells proper productivity.They are also involved in signaling, cellular differentiation, cell death, the control of cell cycles, and the maintenance of cell growth.

Cells that have no mitochondria are unable to convert oxygen into energy. Human red blood cells don’t contain mitochondria, which prevents them from using the oxygen they carry. If these cells had mitochondria, they would use the oxygen instead of transporting it to other cells. Most unicellular that do not have mitochondria are parasitic, as they are unable to make energy for themselves and therefore must live off a host organism. Sound foreign? It did to me, so I needed it in visual form.

Youth Factor is a patent pending product that has changed the way I look and feel. With it working on a cellular level I am regenerating good cells everyday. Youth Factor gives me more energy, is a free radical defense, supports my immune system which I believe all people with auto-immune problems or who have gone through chemo and radiation need.

The truth is you don’t need to be energy-drained from drastic weather changes or jet lag or staying up to late to wind up with tired skin. The signs of an exhausted completion, saggy, dull, dry and wrinkled skin mimics the look of sleep deprivation but actually occur when the mitochondria runs out of juice and needs to be recharged. We also know age, stress, and drinking too much alcohol or smoking cigarettes can also drain the mitochondria’s power, but honestly the the biggest culprit is environmental toxins. We live in a more polluted world that is swimming with free radicals. This is the reason for the change in skin. Skin cells only have so much energy. If there are harmful chemicals in the air we breath cells use up that energy. When they try to fight them off eventually they become too fatigued and end up surrendering. This is when the damage occurs, it becomes difficult to build up collagen which in return turns into a worn out tired look. It’s a vicious cycle, but not to worry there is a solution. Youth Factor works from the inside out, helping on a cellular level.

With a previous diagnosis of breast cancer I am very select on what I put into my body I live with no regrets and need to feel confident in living the remaining years of my life feeding my cells with good nutrition and treating my body with love and care.

This is not a Nerium International ad, I am not being paid to write this; but I always post about the good and bad I absolutely love these products and believe I will add years to my life by cleaning it from the inside out. If you want more information please contact me I will personally speak with you.

Monya Bonbon

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