Mexico Spring Break 2010

March 20, 2010

Mysti and I downtown

Me with the local culture

Mysti Ivy and Eric

Eric and I sharing a drink

Anthony Gruninger Ivy Bryton Maddy Taylor Haleigh and Emily all in the back seat of Erics truck

Mysti, Taylor, Maddy, Bryton, Ivy, Me, Kaitlyn, Haleigh and Emily

Kaitlyn and Brian

Me Haleigh and Eric

Maddy Haleigh Taylor Emily

Kaitlyn and Brian Eric and I

This week for me has been the most relaxing wonderful spring break I can ever remember having. Eric and I invited Mysti Brown and her 4 girls to join us at our condos in Mexico. Saturday morning at 4 am we left, Eric told Mysti to be on time or if she was to arrive at our house at 4:01 we would be gone, we have an ongoing joke with Mysti about being on time, (she is notorious for being late) we wanted to go early so we could have an extra day to enjoy Kaitlyn and Brian they had to leave Tuesday to make their flight home. I was so happy that they were able to come from Utah to be with us, and really sad that Kayla, Jeremy and Recker could not come because Jeremy had to work, I miss my little grandson Recker and can’t wait to see him when we get home.
This has honestly been the best therapy, my goal was to get away from the VILLAIN, or at least distract myself for a week, long enough to laugh and enjoy my family and friends. Everyday has been a distraction, fun filled, good food and incredibly relaxing. Although the VILLAIN is next to impossible to stop thinking about (especially when I am the only one on the beach or at the pool with no hair) I spent a lot of time in the condo relaxing, one day I was at the beach with everyone and the Mexican vendors were walking the beach, one of them approached us and asked us if we wanted our hair braided, I took off my hat and said “how much?” we laughed it was so therapeutic even the vendor laughed.
Before we left I was worried about whether or not Mysti and her girls would be “weirded out” if I walked around the condo with no hat. Exposing my bald head is something I am sensitive about, I know I have posted pictures of myself on my blog but seeing it in person is different than actually seeing it alive, walking around talking. I asked Mysti if it would be ok, or if she thought her girls would be effected by it, Mysti being the sweet wonderful friend that she is looked at me and said “of course it will be ok” Still even with her support I felt like taking my hat off and walking into a room of people would be extremely difficult. I now have lost all my eyelashes so I look even more bald, but I did it I took off the hat and Mysti and her cute girls made me feel like nothing was wrong, like I was just a normal person, and for one week I felt like I was one of the girls. I have not had that much fun, or laughed so hard in over 8 months. It felt so good to know that part of my personality was back, that I could not think about the VILLAIN and for 7 days enjoy my life.
Mysti and her girls, Emily Holicky, Eric and Haleigh were so fun. Mysti and I have been friends for over 12 years, I love her so much, we have been through alot of things with our children, many, many trips for dance with the girls, and her son Wyley I love like my own son, he and Blake have been friends for years. We have laughed and certainly cried together, we have shared experiences together that have bonded us together as friends for eternity. She is always willing to serve other people, I love that about her. During this time of my VILLAIN experience I have appreciated her so much for her service to my family. She does bring out the silliness in me, and for this trip especially I was so glad she was there.
The week before we left for the trip I had a doctor appointment with my oncologist. I was told that my white blood counts were extremely low, my blood also was off, the doctor told me that they were concerned that the chemo did not work as they had hoped. I came home and cried to Eric about it but decided not to post anything about it until we got home from the trip and had time to tell our children and family. I was upset when the doctor told me, I cried, and she actually cried with me, which is unusual because she has never shown any emotion. (she is actually my oncologists assistant) We were hoping not to have to see any doctors in March, but so far it looks like I will only have last week off. I need to go back this week for more blood work, then we will know more, I am hopeful that the results this week will be better. I continue to pray and ask the Lord to bless my family and to help me understand what his plan is for me.


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