Life Goes On

May 17, 1010

For a couple of weeks now I have been experiencing Hot Flashes…., seriously? It’s so annoying, at first I thought it was just because our house was warm and I needed to turn the air down, that’s not it. I think I could be living in an Igloo in a snow storm and the flashes would still come. Doctor Northfelt said that the chemo sometimes throws women into menopause, or it kills your ovaries temporarily and makes your body think you are in menopause, then all of a sudden a few months down the road they start producing estrogen again. Chemo does some strange things to bodies, both of my big toes went black after I finished chemo, I was talking to some other women and they all said they experienced the same thing. Insomnia is another side effect to chemo and radiation, I have a hard time sleeping, well actually I have a hard time staying asleep my mind wonders. The skin around the 6 areas they radiated is so dry and red, also I am still experiencing fatigue and exhaustion. I’m not complaining I really just want to journal everything that is happening so I will never forget. Speaking of forgetting, I was in my spinning class the other day and realized that there is not a minute of the day that goes by that I don’t think about cancer, I’m hoping that I never forget but that I will be able to function eventually without it consuming my every thought. It’s a scary thing, probably one of the scariest health diagnosis a women could get. Until my diagnosis I never thought about cancer, I was more worried about Eric and his health, always thinking that I need to eat healthy and exercise so if something happens to him I will be here for my kids. I never, ever imagined the Villain would be a part of my life. Now when I think about it, I think why not me? One in 8 women will receive the same diagnosis that I did. Life goes on, every life is important and the experiences we have in life is what makes us who we are.

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2 thoughts on “Life Goes On”

  • I think you have the greatest attitude. I love your honesty and perspective. I hope you print your blog in to a book for your posterity. Thanks for your comments on Josh:). I love that you put it on your ipod. So does Josh. And I think you look beautiful by the way; strong and happy and I never would guess what you are truly going through.

  • My Precious Girl! You are amazing in your fight! You have shown such grace! In some ways it is hard not to worry about what will happen in the next day of our lives but…. you have been so courageous! You truly are one of Heavenly Fathers most valiant warriors! I LOVE YOU!!

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