Is there anyone out there who despises IKEA more than me? I mean really what is all the hype over it, why are there lines of people waiting to get through the doors like everyday is BLACK Friday? Apparently I am missing something. We recently acquired some rental property we need to get furnished, so off we went bruised face and all to IKEA. On our way there I told Frenchie “I really don’t like this place, but for supplying kitchen, bathroom and essentials it’s perfect” I had to laugh at Frenchie on our way in we both had carts, if you’ve been to IKEA you know THE CARTS. I laughed and said “Oh you think this is bad, wait until you actually get inside–they slide across the floor and you have absolutely no control.”

This looks simple enough right?……..WRONG!! This is a diagram of the store outlay, however it is on different levels and remember you are pushing a cart with a mind of it’s own. It’s actually pretty funny to watch–oh and you do have the option of carrying a BIG yellow bag to put your items in, but when you are buying like we did for two rentals we both needed carts.

Don’t let the weight of that child fool you, the more weight you put into those carts the crazier it gets….just look at those shiny floors, wet those babies down and you’ve got a slip n slide like no other….for miles. My grandchildren would love that.

We bought these shelves and a bunk bed a few years ago…..they come in millions and I mean millions of parts. Good thing I have a son-in-law, Jeremy who put it together. There is no way on this green earth I will ever buy furniture or anything I have to ‘put together’ again from IKEA. It seriously took hours, than days before it was all done. I love my Frenchie but he is a very good business man, not a ‘put things together’ kinda guy.  After about an hour in the store, we both looked at each other and simultaneously said “I’m done” I said “Follow the arrows and the fabulous smell, then we will be out”

In conclusion we both decided we are too old for this store, I was exhausted by the time we left. Target is a much easier shop for me, and yes Frenchie smelled the cinnamon rolls, starred them up and down but walked away. Check out was a new experience for Frenchie-“Would you like a bag for an extra $1.29?” He looked at me and I immediately said “Why yes, yes we would in fact we would like to splurge on two” Then I separated everything out into both bags for both rentals, made it to the car and darted home.

Monya Bonbon

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