These are my happy shoes..I only wear them on March 20th–International Day of Happiness. My favorite day of the year.

It is interesting to see reactions from people visiting our wall –Most who’ve followed my blog know how I like to people watch, today was a people watching buffet.  When asked to pledge how they will share happiness to make the world a better place, we were face to face with the reality that most people are not aware there is a way to be happy–While interacting with people when we asked them to make a pledge for happiness most said “What do I write?” or “What’s this going to cost me?”  Most were surprised when we told them it was FREE.

Imagine that…..happiness is FREE, you choose it or you don’t. I witnessed people actually walk away, grumpy folks.  I wouldn’t want to live my life this way, I believe there is goodness in the world.  We don’t have to seek out negativity it is all over the media, in our schools and even in the workplace.  It’s time to change this, make a pledge to share happiness to make the world a brighter place for people who are less fortunate, or who just need a listening ear.

There were a few stories that really stood out to me today.  When we announced that every pledge we get on our wall we would donate $1 to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Arizona, an interesting man approached us with his darling family.

Carlton brought a tear to my eye as he told of his experience with his “Big Brother” from 1970-1976. He smiled as he told of his memories of going to amusement parks, playing baseball and reading books with is BIG Brother.  He still has a connection with the family who helped raise him into an amazing man with integrity, strength and manners.

Another family I met was these boys and their grandmother.  They were so polite and grateful for our wall–their pledge was “I will share happiness by helping my grandmother with the hard things in her life.” Seriously?  I left today better than when I went, and this my friends is what we all should be striving for in our lives–to come home each day and retire to our beds knowing we either left the world a better place, or someone else taught us a lesson which left a stamp on our heart to want to be a better person.

Each one of us can make some very slight changes in our lives everyday,  be a bright light for another person.  We should never pass up a chance to glow, the beam of your light CAN and WILL make a life of another more vibrant.  I have been doing happy acts for over 2 years now, everyday intentionally seeking out ways to do good in the world by being fully, richly, and beautifully alive.  Happiness is the power within you to go out into the world feel bold and bright in all you have to offer–and above all let your light shine.

The most beautiful people I know are simply authentic to themselves, radiance is the way you were made, it’s part of who you are it is the very fabric of your ‘being’  Light is not so rare when you know where to find it–look within and find a way to be joyous in all you do.

Monya Bonbon


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