Fix My Face

Fix My Face

This is my current situation….Dr. Lettieri is in Nairobi saving lives (I love that) but I am here, stuck in a recovery bed drinking dinner from a straw.  Might be a good time to explore using my Vitamix, I wonder if a steak could be liquified? — a friend suggested it as a joke but hey I’m up for trying anything. Mix in some spinach you never know I might have a new trend starting right here in my Arizona house.

Seriously though, I never knew bruises healed so slowly–the swelling has gone down a lot. I have a hematoma in my cheek, and on the top of my head it feels like a rotten tomato, you can see a little red on my right temple-hopefully not an infection starting; it reminds me of when my facial paralysis started and didn’t end for 18 months from infection we couldn’t get under control.  Yesterday I spoke with Mayo Clinic to confirm my appointment with Dr. Lettieri on Wednesday. I’m told to not move a lot, so rest in bed.

In August it would have been 2 years since my last surgery, I was so excited to announce that to Dr. Lettieri–little pooper told me he needed to ‘fix my face’….”Excuse me?” Actually it wasn’t about ‘fixing’ my face, it was more about eliminating some scar tissue that looked similar to what a mass looks like when seen on an X-Ray;  and then while he had my face peeled off decided he would go ahead and try to ‘fix my face’  Everyone knows I love Dr. Lettieri he is looking after me the best way he knows how to-as a perfectionist Trauma surgeon, if he see’s just one way of helping he won’t quit until he has exhausted every possibility.  So for now I sit and patiently wait until Wednesday.

Monya Bonbon

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