August 24th, 2009

Today I had a biopsy on my right and left breast, as a follow up to the Ultra Sound results we got on Friday. I checked in at 8am. While walking from my car to the check in level, I noticed that all patients were carrying their Patient Itinerary and some of them studying them intently, I wondered as I watched people why they were visiting the Mayo Clinic. If any of them were there for the same reason I was, I looked into some of the eyes and wondered if any of them had the gospel in their lives, if they knew that Heavenly Father loved them and if they knew they could pray for his comfort. While I was waiting I read from the September Ensign, I decided I would take it with me and read the entire Ensign at the Mayo this week while waiting for Doctors to see me. I love the talk entitled “The Influence of Righteous Women”
by President Uchtdorf. I was inspired to be a better woman, I understand a little more what my eternal role is as a daughter of God. I understand that as I live my daily life with all its challenges, that the Lord LOVES me, that he KNOWS me, he listens to my prayers and that he wants me to succeed.
As I was deep in thought they called my name and off I went to the biopsy room. My nurses name was Cheryl, cute little petite girl with alot of compassion and spunk. Dr Lund came in and explained to me what was going to happen. I took my right arm out of the gown, (the lovely hospital gown) put my right arm over my head he began the exam. This is a needle core biopsy guided by an Ultra Sound, which means he watches on the Ultra Sound screen as he guides the needle to the spot that needs to be biopsied. First they sterilize everything, including my breast. Then with a needle they deaden the area with several shots. Then they make an incision and in the needle goes to the area, he says you will hear a pop so dont be alarmed. The pop is the needle being plunged into the breast and grabbing a piece of tissue, this is done about 4 times on the right side. He hit a blood vessel on the last shot and it started shooting blood in a stream, it took about 45 minutes for him to get it under control. He and Cheryl had to trade off putting all of their body weight on my breast to get the bleeding to stop, (seriously not fun) and with my arm up over my head my fingers were asleep by the time we were done and he felt so bad. Then we started the same procedure on the left side. After we were all done I headed over for another mammo. By the time I left the Mayo Clinic it was around 11:30. I had to be at the Mayo Hospital in Phoenix for a 1pm appointment with Dr. Paul Magtibay Gyno Surgeon. I really liked him alot, he was very compassionate and knowledgable. He told me it would be best for me to have the hysterectomy at the same time I have the mastectomy. I left today feeling totally EXPOSED, I had heard “undress from the waste up and put on this gown”, then “undress from the waste down and put on this gown” one too many times today. I live in a very modest world, my husband is the only one (other than doctors) who has seen me without clothes and I do not like to be EXPOSED.
Walking to my car, I read a text from my daughter Haleigh it said “Good luck today mom, I love you so much !” For some reason I started to cry when I read it, I could not stop, I tried so hard to get it under control before I left but was unsuccessful, families who love and respect and care for eachother is what life is all about.


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4 thoughts on “Exposure”

  • Monya! I just came across this not so fun news! It seems like just yesterday I saw you in Hawaii, happy and healthy. I guess you didn't know about all this then? Wow, our prayers will be with you!

  • So true! Families are the most important thing in the world. I am thinking it is good for you to have some tears…it releases the internal emotion pressure…hey, it was a good day to do it..you were already exposed, exhausted and eternally touched by love….so you could let a piece of the tension go with tears….love you,mm

  • Monya, Here's a scripture I love: "For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth." Proverbs 3:12 It helps my mind and heart have a clearer understanding of the trial and brings needed peace. ox

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