Everyone has Good in Them

June 1, 2010

I never realized what women go through when they are in menopause ….. seriously not fun at all and to be forced into it, well all I can say is it is making me grumpy and crazy. Mr. hot flash continues to be a big part of my life, not sure if we are getting along too well. I called Dr. Northfelt’s office to let them know I am not sleeping and have had a headache that has lasted for several days, guess I will hear back from them tomorrow. It is so hard to feel completely exhausted then go and lay down to be disappointed by insomnia and fatigue. Just when I thought the neuropathy was gone and out of my life, my legs are aching again.
I’m so afraid to take the hormone medicine that Dr. Northfelt gave me, the possible side effects are really scary, and it seems like my track record for getting the side effects should make me afraid. I was told chemo would not make me sick …. no such luck I was sick for 5 months from the evil stuff, I was told a few women get lymphodema from lymph nodes being removed, I got it and have to wear that ugly sleeve on my arm, I was told that very few get neurophathy, you guessed it I have it ….. so Hormone therapy scares me …. I need to take it I’ve had it sitting on my desk for a week, I look at it everyday and say “tomorrow I will start” These are the possible side effects:

anxiety — seriously I already have this one
back, bone, breast, joint, or pelvic pain—-I already have all those (neuropathy)
dizziness —
flu like symptoms —
muscle aches —- went through that with the lovely day after pill during chemo
tiredness —–
hair loss—- are you kidding me?
headache —- there already
hot flashes —– Mr. hot flash has already welcomed himself into my life
loss of appetite —- I wish
nausea —- did that for 5 months
sore throat–
stomach pain or upset —
sweating —- comes with Mr. Hot Flash everyday
tingling or burning sensation in the fingers, wrists or hands
trouble sleeping —
vomiting — did that for 5 months too
weakness —
weight gain —- very possibly going to happen

If you could write these on a slip of paper and pick them out of a bowl, which 3 would you like to have? Not sure why I chose 3 to have but I decided that was a good number and quite possibly the number of side effects I will get from this treatment medicine, oh and did I mention I have to take it for 10 years? Can you tell I’m grumpy? I probably should not blog while I am in these moods, but like I have said so many times, I want to remember EVERYTHING.

One thing I can be grateful for today is that tomorrow is Wednesday and emails will come from my missionary son in the Dominican Republic. I do love to hear from that boy, he seems to grow spiritually every week I try to keep up by studying my scriptures everyday and I am still working on those Attributes of Christ from the Preach my Gospel book, but I still seem to fall short of what Blake is experiencing. He is my hero, I love him so much.

One more little story before I head up to my bedroom and take some meds to get me to sleep. Eric has been in Mexico since Friday, last night Haleigh and I went on a bike ride through Val Vista Lakes. It was beautiful and the weather here in Arizona is incredibly soothing after the sun goes down. We were talking and laughing, really enjoying our time together when these two boys past us on their bikes, the first boy mumbled something under his breath I didn’t quite hear, I asked Haleigh later she said she wasn’t sure either. When the 2nd boy passed me (Haleigh was just in front of my bike on hers) he yelled something really mean “oh my ___ look at the d___” ( he used a slang word for lesbian) I felt so embarrassed not really for me but for him. Haleigh was so upset, she turned her bike around and was ready to take this kid on ….. they road as fast as they could away but Haleigh was faster, I stayed back just strolling along when I caught up to her she was engaged in a conversation with the boys. I still am not sure what she said to the boys, but when I arrived they took off. As a mother I’m thinking “this could be a great teaching moment” I should talk to her about turning the other cheek, walking away, or just letting it go, however, something told me to keep quiet and I did. I wondered if she was at all embarrassed to be with me. The fact that she stood up for me and defended what she knows to be right was impressive. I’m not shocked by what people say anymore and I know that there are more people who don’t say what they are thinking, but I do believe that most everyone has good in them, and most everyone wants to be kind and considerate to others.

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center: https://www.mayoclinic.org/departments-centers/mayo-clinic-cancer-center

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  • OK! First I need to tell you Hales is beautiful!!! She is a GEM!! Like her Mom! Second thing I want to say is where the Hell am I when these FREAKS say rude things! Talk bad about me but… NOT about my Bon Bon! I feel sure if you give me a description of them I can find them and take care of them!!!
    SERIOUSLY… They do not know who they are messing with when they get my stinger up!!!

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