My friend is dealing with some really hard things in her life right now. It’ amazing to me how much the human body and soul can endure.  For me, going through a divorce or losing a child would be really hard.  While enjoying lunch with her I suddenly remembered something I’d learned along my journey, but I think I forgot. We all have trials and tribulations in our life, but looking from the outside in we often believe one of two things:

1. I could never go through that or

2. I’d probably handle that differently

Our inner self wants to tell us that we cannot do hard things–I never thought I could or would have to experience or suffer through cancer.  Now it is a part of my life and I’ve embraced all it has taught me not only about my own strength but also the courage of many warrior’s I’ve had the pleasure to meet and interact with.

I’ve embraced a combination of hard work and magical thinking. I now say “YES” Hard work matters but I will always leave room in my life for things to come.  I realize that along the way there will be even more to face hopefully I will look at it with a different perspective, with a heart wide open knowing in the end all will be even better than I could of imagined or planned for.

Monya Bonbon


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