Dr.Peter Kreymerman is a DADDY

I drove to Mayo this morning to see Dr. Peter Kreymerman, so looking forward to him telling me I could pick up Recker now and that I could get rid of the BRA … instead I was shocked when a different doctor walked in, mostly because he looked like he was 12 years old … just kidding I think more like 21 … maybe!

Dr. Peter Kreymerman and his wife had a baby girl on Friday November 5th at 4:59 pm. I’m not sure if I can post her name but she is a healthy 6 lbs 3 oz.baby girl. I got an email from Heather his assistant, and she sent pictures, however I would never post pictures without permission from Dr. Kreymerman, but I can tell you that she is beautiful, lots of dark hair dressed in pink. I am quite certain they are not getting much sleep, but that the baby is getting lots of love and attention, there is nothing like having a brand new baby they always bring such a sweet spirit to the home. Congratulations Dr. and Mrs. Kreymerman

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