Blake Got His Mission Call

those of you who know me well know that the last couple of years has been a struggle for our family. Many tears have fell from my eyes, and my knees are caloused from the prayers that have been given in behalf of our children. Every fast Sunday for the past 3 years have been dedicated to family members. When I attend the Temple names are written down for extra prayers.
My son Blake has really struggled with his testimony, he did not really know if a mission would be the right choice for him. Of course we were sad knowing the blessings that come from serving the Lord on a mission. However we know that force is Satans way and we really wanted that decision to be Blakes. I told him about a year ago that I would know he had changed when I could see a change of heart in him.
The past 6 months that mighty change has come into his life. We have gradually seen him mature and one day he came out of his room and announced he had finished reading the Book Of Mormon. I was so happy for him, and knew that the Lord was touching his heart.
On Thursday, I was at Eric and Blakes softball game when Blake asked me to run to his truck and get his sunflower seeds for him, I went and on the seat sat his mission call, we had no idea that he had turned in his papers. Imagine the over whelming feeling I had when I saw that huge envelope from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I opened it and with tears in my eyes looked out on the softball field and watched as he told his dad, the game stopped they hugged on 2nd base each with tears in their eyes, I knew exactly what Eric was feeling. I wish I could of frozen that moment forever…..prayers are heard and answered.
Blake will be serving in the Dominican Republic Spanish Speaking Mission to report to the Provo MTC September 23rd. This is the perfect mission for Blake he has always wanted to live on an Island, and he wanted to speak spanish sooooo bad.
Although he will be 21 when he leaves he is doing this because “he knows” it is what he should be doing at this time in his life.
We are so happy for him and his decision, it is the right one for him.
I asked him if he was nervous about all of his friends coming home right when he is leaving and he said “NO, this is my time, this is when I am supposed to be serving the Lord.”
When Eric and I got home after the game the 1st thing we did was kneel and pray to thank Heavenly Father for this wonderful blessing in Blakes life and our lives as well. Prayers were heard and prayers were answered.

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