About Me

My Journey:

Imagine having the ability to make a difference in the world by tellingMonya Williams the story of your life.

I want to leave a legacy on earth and beyond the grave for my children, grandchildren and maybe you.

I was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona, and although I think every family has some form of dysfunction I realize now ours was far and beyond what any child should have to live through.

As a little blonde headed girl I struggled with self doubt and wondered if I would ever ‘fit’ in.  Physical, mental, verbal and sexual abuse were my reality. I soon learned as an adult keeping secrets can fester and turn into cancerous tumors.

At age 46 while training for a marathon I was diagnosed with stage 3c breast cancer, those words pierced my heart and soul, but nothing prepared me for what I would hear a few later when I was rushed to the hospital with partial facial paralysis.  Two and a half weeks in the ICU and 3 surgeries later;  my surgeon said “Your face will never be the same, you will never smile again.”

This was not my plan A.  The initial shock of what I would have to look at in the mirror for the rest of my life placed me on a journey of self discovery and learning what is most important in life.

True beauty comes from within, it is not defined by your breast size, bald head or your paycheck. Through my own personal development I’ve discovered I can serve other’s daily with happy acts, I can see the good in everyone I meet with no judgement.

I am defined by how I treat other’s, how I forgive.  I learned to re-invent who I wanted to become. I choose happiness no matter what circumstance life throws at me. I want to empower other's to face the storms of life with dignity and grace.