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I CAN-cer Vive: Live Free, Be Happy shares the inspiring story of Monya Williams, a woman of indefatigable optimism, who survived sexual, physical, and  mental abuse as a child. Living with the wounds and the attendant loss of her childhood innocence, she faced struggles in her relationships and bouts of  deep depression in later years. Watch video!

Live Free










After the diagnosis of Cancer my world changed; I now look for opportunities to serve others, read good books, and make time for even the small things in life that matter most.

I always wanted my life to be filled with joy and happiness now I realize they are possible-I now have a voice to make it happen!

I Live Free to be me!

Be Happy

I found out that hot and cold can coexist. I could embrace sadness and hope, disappointment and joy, frustration and potential and heartache all together. I surprised myself and discovered I didn't break I finally figured out that I had an incredible capacity to hold all this life is made of and embrace it. I simply woke up and decided to be happy no matter my circumstances.

This is Me

I believe everyone deserves a second chance.  I was abused as a child and I slowly began to die inside a little everyday.

I CAN-CER Vive is my personal journey of surviving sexual, physical, mental and verbal abuse. Only to have cancer, of all things save my life and give me a voice.

As a teenager I thought freedom would come when I moved out of that toxic house and started a life of my own.  But it took 37 surgeries, 7 years, losing my breasts, my hair, my beautiful smile to recover my lost self-esteem and discover my individual worth.

Today, I live a life that brings me inspiration, peace, and happiness. Something I never thought I deserved.

If you'd like to know how I overcame my demons and learned how to smile with my eyes and listen with my heart-I hope you will read my book.


This was Then


This was When


This is Now

It is true...

At a certain point it's no longer about what's already happened...it's about what's going to happen. It's about everything that is coming next.

So why not live free and be happy now?